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British Library Add Ms 35269 George Thomson Letter-books

Letter to Robert Cadell, 19 May 1832


Estimated value of the Plates in Mr Thomson’s national Songs, in Ten volumes folio, and Six volumes octavo – warranted to be in good condition.

For Folio tin plates engraved as songs for the voice & Piano Forte: including the separate Accompaniments for the Violin & Violoncello, 411 Scottish – 156 Welsh – and 116 Irish: in all 683 plates, ——- at 8/6 each


To a Copperplate Engraver for putting head titles or names of the Songs on 400 of the plates at ———– 1/6 each


For Octavo tin plates engraved as Songs for the Voice & Piano Forte only; – 2 songs on each plate, in all 166 plates 9/ each——————————


For Engravings on copper of St Cecilia, John Anderson, Soldier’s return, the Gaberlunzie man, & Burns’s portrait———£16 each


For Vignettes lithograph’d in London from the Designs of Stothard for the new edition of Scottish Songs – including the Titles & the Stones


For Engravings on copper of Llangollen vale, the Gipsey [sic] Fortune teller, & Conway castle, for the Welsh volumes, £14 each ———–


For an engraved Title for the Welsh work, one serving the three volumes


[Thomson subtotals the first page at £535.8.–]

For an engraved Title for the Irish volumes


Engraved Designs or Illustrations by David Allan & T. Stodhard for the Octavo Work – six of them not yet introduced: Eighteen in all, 3 intended for each volume – 5 guineas each


For Engraved Vignette Titles for the Octavo work from David Allan and T. Stodhard’s Designs – 3 guineas each


For engravings on wood for the cover titles of the Folio & octavo works



£658 15 6

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