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I Love my Jean

Title: I Love my Jean
First line: Of a’ the airts the wind can blaw,
Air: Miss Admiral Gordon’s Strathspey
Performer: Paul McKenna
Source: SMM 235

This song was written for Burns’s new wife, Jean Armour, during what Burns described as their ‘honeymoon’. The tempestuous beginnings to their relationship are well-documented, a history belied by the blissful tone of this lyric. It is among the poet’s best-known songs. This recording, based on the version in volume three of the Scots Musical Museum, does not feature the two extra stanzas, by John Hamilton, which are frequently added to the piece and have been mistaken for Burns’s work. For his part, Thomson added two different extra stanzas to the work, by Mr Richardson, when he published the piece in 1805.

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Recorded at The Green Door studio in Glasgow, 2016 (engineer: Sam Smith).