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Scroggam – SMM

smmv6_fullbook - Copy50Performers: Beth Taylor, Tiffany Vong, Gordon Abercrombie, Nicholas Montgomery 

Song 539, volume 6

The first stanza of this song is an adaptation of bawdy verses in the Merry Muses of Caledonia. The term ‘scroggam’ may have been taken from a London street song, where “scrog ’em” and “rough’em” are expressions which deal with rioting.

This was a tricky song to perform in terms of fitting the second and third stanzas to the tune. Only the first stanza is underlaid to the music in the Scots Musical Museum. We felt that the cello was needed to give a more solid sense of the bass here, but that the guitar worked well to suggest the ‘sauciness’ of the text.

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*This song is part of the Robert Burns Period Performance project.