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Will ye go to the Indies, my Mary – NEW

Performed by Sheena Wellington

sheena wellington

Sheena Wellington

Burns reworked the old ballad ‘Will ye go to the Ewe-Bughts, Marion?’ and composed entirely new words for it. He sent this revision to George Thomson on 27th October 1792 writing that it was a ‘farewell of a dear girl… when I was thinking of going to the West Indies. You must know, that all my earlier love-songs were the breathings of ardent Passion; and tho’ it might have been easy in aftertimes to have given them a polish, yet that polish… would have defaced the legend of my heart’. Thomson appears to have been less than impressed with the lyrics and on the MS he mused, ‘This is a very poor song which I do not mean to include in my collection’. Nevertheless he published it in his octavo collection Select Melodies (1822).

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