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A little triumph, and a forthcoming Burns event

First and foremost, happy 2015! as ever the first month of the year is especially dedicated to Robert Burns, and we from the ERBC21 team are all buzzing with all sorts of Burns-related activities – not least the big annual conference on the 17th. It was a great event and a lovely opportunity to catch up and say hello to our regular Burnsians, and to welcome new attendees. Thanks to all who managed to come in spite of the terrible weather conditions!

I just wanted to share with you my latest little triumph (which I’ll confess is also a way to introduce a Burns event I am involved in). I have in fact just been notified that I have been awarded the Annie Dunlop Endowment! which is a grant I have applied for to undertake research trips – in this case, to Warsaw and London. These trips relate more strictly to another sphere of my personal research, which is that of the cultural history of the bagpipe – the main theme of my Ph.D. research.

So why mention this in the context of a Robert Burns blog? well, to start with it’s a way to share my happiness with you all, but also it gives me the chance to tell you that I’ll be giving a talk on bagpipes AND Robert Burns at one of the lunchtime events at the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, in March! I’m really looking forward to wearing both my Bagpipe Scholar and my ERBC21 RA hats. I will write a bit more about this nearer the time, but the talk, called ‘The bagpipe in Robert Burns’ work’, is scheduled for the 22nd March.

Just in case you want to pencil it in your diaries…

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