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Comin thro’ the rye. 2d Sett – SMM

Performers: Brianna Robertson-Kirkland, Tiffany Vong, Daniel Mészöly, Nicholas Montgomery 

Song 418, volume 5

This version of the song is unsigned in the Scots Musical Museum. It is perhaps the better-known version compared with ‘Comin’ thro’ the rye, poor body’ (Scots Musical Museum song 217).

This is the second ‘sett’ of ‘Comin thro’ the rye’. It was a real challenge for Brianna to sing two versions of the same song, also when she knows the song in other forms, having sung it for many years. She had to amend and adjust the melodies as printed in the SMM. We also decided that this version might sound better with a fiddle (the first set of the song was performed with harpsichord and guitar). Daniel, our fiddler, had to make decisions about what he’d play and if he would play the tune or make up chords on the fiddle.

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Comin thro the rye, 2d Sett - SMM (340 downloads )




*This song is part of the Robert Burns Period Performance project.