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Crowdsourcing Burns – 1

The first instalment of our new ‘Crowdsourcing Burns’ blog features a lovely version of ‘Banks of Cree’ by Finn and Hanne Fahl.

Finn and Hanne write that: “We are Danish not Scottish, and we live in Oxfordshire not Ayrshire, but we still like The Bard and his poems and think there is potential in putting some of his songs to new music.”

Burns sent ‘Banks of Cree’ to George Thomson in Spring of 1794. Burns wrote, ‘I got an air, pretty enough, composed by Lady Elizabeth Heron of Heron […] Cree is a beautiful romantic stream; and as her Ladyship is a particular friend of mine, I have written the following song to it.’ Thomson published the song in his Select Collection of Scottish Airs in 1798, and so it will be fully edited as part of Vol.5 of the New Oxford Edition of The Works of Robert Burns.

We hope that you will enjoy this version of the song as much as we did, and that you will join us in thanking Finn and Hanne for sending it to us.

‘Banks of Cree’ by Robert Burns – Performed by Finn & Hanne Fahl


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