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O Lassie, art thou Sleeping Yet

Title: O Lassie, art thou Sleeping Yet
First line: O Lassie, art thou sleeping yet,
Air: Let Me in this Ae Night
Performer: Alison McNeill
Source: Thomson, SCOSA Vol 4 1805, 156

This courting song was initially sent by Burns to Thomson in August 1793. followed by a revised version in February 1795. Thomson felt that the piece ‘displayed great address’, but they disagreed over the delicacy of the closing section, with Burns prompted to explain that his ‘heroine […] gives not the least reason to believe that she speaks from her own experience’. Impatiently however, the poet announced that, ‘of all boring matters in this boring world, criticising my own works is the greatest bore’. Thomson’s printing of the song was arranged by Haydn. The opening of the text is adapted from a traditional piece, that was reworked by Burns for the Scots Musical Museum, no. 311.

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Recorded at The Green Door studio in Glasgow, 2016 (engineer: Sam Smith).