Prose & SongCorrespondence & Poetry

The Edition


Volume I: Commonplace Books, Tour Journals, and Miscellaneous Prose (Edited by Nigel Leask) 2014

Volumes II & III: Scots Musical Museum (Edited by Murray Pittock) 2018

Volume IV: Songs for George Thomson (Edited by Kirsteen McCue) forthcoming 2020

Volumes V, VI, VII & VIII: Correspondence (Edited by Rhona Brown, Gerard Carruthers, Nigel Leask, Pauline Mackay, and Ronnie Young) in preparation

Volumes IX & X: Poetry (Edited by Gerard Carruthers) in preparation

*Also from Oxford University Press, look out for The Oxford Handbook of Robert Burns. Edited by Gerard Carruthers, this collection of 44 essays (around 272,000 words) will offer a critical and comprehensive overview of Burns’s works and themes, from biography to the digital world.