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Workshop 1

Workshop 1: 18 September 2015 at University of Glasgow

This workshop brought the performers together to meet for the first time. They learned about our project as a whole and specifically about the two song collections to which Burns contributed. This was complemented with presentations by specialists working on the AHRC-funded Bass Culture project at the University of Glasgow (Dr Karen McAulay from RCS, RA on the project) and from University of Glasgow colleagues working on 18th century singing treatises and techniques (PhD student Brianna Robertson-Kirkland) and on 18th century costume (GU Lecturer in History of Dress and Textiles, Dr Sally Tuckett).

We had discussion about singing styles, costumes and the context in which these songs would have been performed. This meant that our performers could start to think about these before tackling the songs themselves. At this point we asked them to introduce themselves and talk about how they felt about taking part in the project:

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